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CanaDream v 2.2.1

18-04-2017, 04:31
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CanaDream v 2.2.1
Category - Maps ATS
Version - v1.6.x
Credits: - ManiaX


Coast 2 Coast 2.0.2 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-CanaDream 2.2.1
2-Coast 2 Coast 2.0.2

*fix petro-canada fuel station in US part
*reduce mountain on highway 5 B.C.
*fix bugs

CanaDream v 2.2.1


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- Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

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  1. Maelstrom
    № 1 | Maelstrom | Guests | 30 April 2017 22:14
    + 0 -
    Why is canada cut access from US?
    1. MINSA20
      № 2 | MINSA20 | Members | 17 August 2017 20:58
      + +1 -
      To those folks who are having difficulties with getting the roads to connect (with the connections below), are having the issues (listed below), and have a loading order (similar to or the same as the one listed below), the fix [at the time of writing this post] is to remove Project Going North, and Project West from your mod manager and load order... That seemed to fix the connection issues for me. I hope the mod authors for PGN/PW fix this issue, but right now it isn't fixed and you'll have to remove them from your game. Hope this helps, and sorry if this is any bad news :D

      Default ATS to C2C (or C2C to Default ATS)
      C2C to CanaDream (or CanaDream to C2C)
      Default ATS to Viva Mexico (or Viva Mexico to Default ATS)
      C2C to Viva Mexico (or Viva Mexico to C2C)
      Default ATS to MHAPRO (or MHAPRO to Default ATS)
      Viva Mexico to MHAPRO (or MHAPRO to Viva Mexico)
      C2C to MHAPRO (or MHAPRO to C2C)
      MHAPRO to CanaDream (or CanaDream to MHAPRO)

      Issues (or something similar):

      Loading order (or something similar):
      1. Project Going North
      2. Project West
      3. CanaDream
      4. C2C
      5. US Road Signs
      6. Viva Mexico Map
      7. Models01 Viva Mexico
      8. Models02 Viva Mexico
      9. Skins Mexico
      10. MHAPRO Part 3
      11. MHAPRO Part 2
      12. MHAPRO Part 1
      13. No Damage Mod(s)

      Extra Information:
      This post is not a help request, question, or cry for help; I do not want anyone replying to me and saying that "it's working for me" or "here's what I did", I don't want to hear it, I'm just trying to help people like me who are having this issue, not trying to get help for it